You can view your diagnostic reports by first clicking on “My Subjects”, then selecting an Interactive Video-based subject.  Next, click on “Diagnostic Reports” and the reports for that subject will be accessible there.

For Desktop:

  • Follow the instruction above, the simply click on the diagnostic report to bring it upFor Android:
  • On the left top corner click on the hamburger menu and then click on MY REPORTS
  • There you will be able to view our entire diagnostic reports.

For iOs:

  • On the bottom navigation, click on the “Reports” tab (second icon from the left).
  • Once on this page, click on the “Diagnostics” tab on the top navigation bar.
  • On this page, select the chapter you want to view the report for. You should now see all the reports available for your selected chapter.

Reports usually take less than a minute to generate.

If your report is stuck on “Calculating Mastery”, please try refreshing the page. Also check your internet device for a possible connectivity issue.

If you’re still unable to view your report, please contact our support team using the chat feature on the bottom-right corner of the website.

We refrain our students from memorising the answers.

By design, we don’t let our students see which questions they got wrong in the report. This allows us to ensure that students answer the quizzes by gaining a thorough understanding of the topic and don’t achieve mastery only by memorising the answers to the questions provided on the platform.

mySecondTeacher allows teachers to view students’ eBook Access Report.

  • Click on Review Learning Resources under Teaching Resources Tab on your Dashboard.
  • Select the respective eBook from the list.
  • Select View Report
  • On the Right hand side menu, select the Access Report

You will see the students’ Access Report.