Group Chat

There are several modes for group chat. It depends on how your teacher or admin has set it up for you and your classroom.

Some teachers prefer group chat to be used as a “Virtual Notice Board” where only they can post messages and attachments, whereas some prefer group chat to be used as a common forum where anybody can post.

Your teacher can instantly convert them into the other.  Please talk to your teacher on how they prefer using the group chat.

Group chat allows you to connect and chat with your peers directly from the MySecondTeacher platform.

Currently, you cannot invite others who are not part of MySecondTeacher. This allows you to chat with relevant people in the same class or students learning the same course.

Yes, if your teacher has enabled the feature. Please talk to your teacher on their preference of using the group chat.

Group chat allows you to communicate in the primary channel and with your peers. Even though it acts like an instant messenger to communicate to your peers, it cannot be used explicitly as a messenger.

We have an “ignore feature” in our group chat. Please add your friend to the “ignore list” if you want to stop receiving any further messages from any of them.

  • Click on the Engage in Text chat with Students  your dashboard, or click on the Chatroom button on the navigation bar of your dashboard
  • On the left column of the chatroom, click on a (+) sign to create a new chatroom.
  • Type in the name of the new channel
  • Add a short description of what the channel is about.
  • Add the students you desire to add in the channel.(You can also make the channel a private one)
  • Click Create Channel.