Live Classes

mySecondTeacher allows teachers to create and conduct live video and text-based classes for entire class(es) or selected student(s) of a class.

Video-based classes can be conducted via video-chat feature of mySecondTeacher and text-based classes can be run via Group Chatroom.

Essentially, it is like ZOOM, but all within the mySecondTeacher platform itself (with no time limit).

Only teachers can create live video classes. The teacher can choose to invite the whole class(es) or selected student(s) in a class.

Only teachers can create live video classes. To create live video classes 

  • Click the Create Live Video Session on Teach and Review Performance tab on your (teacher’s) dashboard.
  • Select who the class is for
    • Entire Class or
    • selected students
  • Select/Type the Subject, Name of the session
  • Choose which platform to use
    • mySecondTeacher Classroom (enter a passcode)
    • External video conferencing app like Zoom, Google Meet, etc. (enter the link to the session)
  • Set time and date.
  • Click Continue.

You will be prompted with a screen with the session link. The students will be notified. You can also copy and share the link via messaging apps or email.

(You can also create repetitive classes in the same way. This feature will be available in September 2020.)

No one outside of the mySecondTeacher environment can enter the Classroom, so it is protected from external “bombers”.

Additionally, mySecondTeacher Classroom requires the teacher to set a  4-Digit PIN as a passcode.

The students who are invited or only with the passcode can enter the classroom. So it’s secured.

Yes you can!

All you need to do is to use the “External Link” feature when creating your class using the Create Live Classes feature.

Everything else, including providing students with the correct links, will be done automatically for you.

You can simply click on the Task List at the bottom of the Teacher’s Dashboard. All your sessions to ‘Today‘ and ‘Tomorrow‘ will be listed.

Click ‘Join Classroom‘ and you will be redirected to the video chatroom, where you can see all your students. You can conduct your classes on the video chat.

Yes, the live classes will be recorded so the students can rewatch them later.

(This feature will be available in September, 2020.)

As a student, you can see all your sessions for ‘Today‘ and ‘Tomorrow‘ on the Task List at the bottom of your Dashboard (Student’s Dashboard)

Click on ‘Join Classroom‘ on the session you want to join. You will be redirected to the video chat page where your teacher will be conducting the classes.

Yes you can, if you are the teacher who’ve scheduled the classes.

  • You will be able to view all your scheduled classes on your Classes page under the Schedule tab
  • To delete a scheduled class, simply click the Delete button under that particular class
  • To edit, click on the Edit button under that particular class
  • Now, you can change class details such as dates, sessions name, group and passcode for the class.