There are several features of Alston eBooks on mySecondTeacher.

  • You can search for a specific term or phrase across the entire book.
  • You can bookmark and write personal notes.
  • You can highlight a certain section or paragraph and write your notes.
  • You can listen to a real human voice narrate the whole page or paragraph.
  • You can view the pages of the eBook as single page or double page.
  • You can zoom into any page for a better view.
  • Teachers can view Access Report of his/her students’ eBooks to find out who has read and who hasn’t.
  • Teachers also have access to a “Show/Hide Answer” feature from within relevant pages of the eBooks.

  • Click on the Learn/Revise tab on your dashboard
  • Select your Subject from the dropdown menu. 
  • Select eBooks from the Assets dropdown menu.
  • Select your eBook from the list.

You can also access your eBooks from the My Subject button on the homepage.

Yes you can!

  • Click on the Review Learning Resources on Teaching Resources tab on your Dashboard
  • Select your Subject from the dropdown menu.
  • Select eBooks from the Assets dropdown menu.
  • Select the eBook from the list.

  • Select the eBook from the list.
  • Click on the yellow bookmark sign on the top left corner of the page to Bookmark. You can also add personal notes while bookmarking.
  • You can view all your bookmarked pages by clicking on the bookmark sign from the interactive bar on the right side of the screen

Yes, you can!

  • Select the eBook
  • On the right-hand side, you will see an interactive tab. Click on the Search sign.
  • Type the term/phrase you want search on the search bar.
  • The search result will be displayed below the search bar.

Yes, you can!

  • On the eBook, select the word/term, phrase, sentence or whole paragraph you want to highlight.
  • Select the colour you want to set.
  • You can also add notes.


While on the eBooks, you can see an interactive tab on the right-hand side of the screen. You can access your bookmarks or notes by clicking on the respective icons on the tab.

By clicking on the respective Bookmark or the note, you can visit the bookmarked page or the highlighted section.


Yes you can!

Simply go to the page you want to listen to.

  • Click on the interactive tab on the right hand side of the screen.
  • Click on the Play button on the tab. Audio symbols will appear on the top of the page and on each paragraph.
  • Click on the respective icon to listen to the real human voice narrating the whole page or section you want to listen to.

On the top left corner of the eBook, you will see a menu button.

Click on the button.

You can switch your view to:

  • Full window mode (Full Screen)
  • Single page view
  • Two page view

You can zoom into a paragraph or a diagram on our eBooks. To zoom you can

  • use your fingers for pinch-to-zoom gesture on the touchpad of your MacBook or laptop,
  • or double click on the Magic Mouse, if you are using one
  • or use the following key combination on your keyboard if pinch-to-zoom is not available:
    • on Mac                  : Press ‘Command(⌘)‘ and ‘=’
    • on desktop PC.    : Press ‘Ctrl‘ and ‘=

Please watch the video for examples:


This is likely because a default “zoom” level has been set in your browser, and this default value is above or below 100%.

For best results, please set your default zoom level at 100%, and if you wish to zoom into the pages, use the “pinch-to-zoom” gesture. This will ensure that you see the book in the way it’s meant to be viewed. If pinch-to-zoom is not available then

  • on a Mac, double tap on the magic mouse or ‘CMD(⌘)‘ and ‘=‘ on your keyboard or
  • on desktop PC, if pinch-to-zoom is not available, use the magnification tool by pressing ‘Ctrl‘ and ‘+‘ your keyboard.

Please refer to the following video for examples: