The ‘Assignments’ feature in mySecondTeacher allows teachers to create, give out, collect back, grade, and then report the assignment grades to students.  Once an assignment is published for specific class(es), the students in those class(es) will be notified and they can submit the assignment on the same platform.

The teacher can download the submitted assignments, grade them and publish the grade along with feedback to the students. The students can also view the published results and review teachers’ feedback regarding their work.

  • Click on Give Assignment on the Assignment tab on Teacher’s Dashboard.
  • Select and fill in the required fields
    • Select the class(es)
    • Type the title of the assignment
    • Write a short description of the assignment
    • Upload relevant file(s) or URL link(s).
    • Enter the Grading system.
    • Enter the deadline – time and date.
  • Click Continue

The students of the class(es) will be notified when they log in mySecondTeacher.

(You can also give assignment via Classes Tab on the top of your homepage.)

You can view all the assignments that have been submitted or are pending from the Assignment tab in the Classes page

  • Click on Classes tab on your homepage.
  • Go to Assignment tab on the Classes page.

A list of all your students with their submission status will appear along with the file(s) they’ve uploaded.

  • To view reports of individual assignments click on the Full Report button
  • To add Grades or Remarks you can simply enter them in their respective columns

Yes you can edit the assignments that you have created for your student(s).

  • Click on the edit button of the assignment you want to change.
  • Now, you can change Deadlines and Descriptions, and even add links or files.

Students can submit the assignments via mySecondTeacher platform.

  • Go to the Assignments tab on your My Classes page
  • Here, you can submit assignments by clicking on the Submit Assignment on the respective assignment’s tab
  • Select and fill in the required fields and upload necessary files as well
  • Click Submit Assignment

You can view your grades and remarks on the same page once your teacher has graded your assignment and published the results.